Kiwi Magic Fishing Charters - Halibut and Salmon Fishing - Wildlife Watching - West Coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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What people say when they go fishing with Kiwi Magic

Kiwi Magic Charters
Kiwi Magic Fishing Charters

Steve Arnett
Port Renfrew & Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 250-642-1927 in Sooke
or 250-647-0019 in Port Renfrew
Cell 250-686-0738 or 250-704-6765

Sea Lion Rock, Carmanah
Orca jumping, Camper Creek
Port Renfrew sunrise
"Top notch guiding operation! Great local knowledge makes for great fishing for salmon on 'the beach' at Port Renfrew or offshore for Halibut and Salmon at the Swiftsure Bank. Fishing with Steve is a good time for all."
Glenn, White Rock BC

"I caught my biggest salmon ever fishing with Kiwi Magic out at Swiftsure Bank - a 46 pound Chinook. Man, was that exciting, catching the big one out on the big water."
Robbie, Gold Coast Australia

"It's a nice way to entertain clients from work. Take them fishing for salmon and halibut, it makes for awesome day on the water. A great way to get know people better."
Albert, Lynden Washington

"Nice way to spend a couple of days with my brother ... catching salmon and halibut with Kiwi Magic."
Don, Calgary Alberta

"We had a triple header, landing them all using light rods and tackle. We then hooked a 45 pound Chinook only to have a seal try to take it from us, but we got it!"
Hal, Tacoma Washington

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Fishing on Swiftsure Bank
Sooke Winter Spring
Pam with nice salmon

Kiwi Magic Fishing Charters
Phone: 250-642-1927 in Sooke
or 250-647-0019 in Port Renfrew
Cell 250-686-0738 or 250-704-6765

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