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June 28 Update: Fishing in Port Renfrew

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

A fun day in Port Renfrew

Port Renfrew fishing continues to be excellent.

The FishingPortRenfrew crew made its way west for a day out around Carmanah, lots of fun to be had. Chinook salmon around 15 pounds, hatchery coho around 8 pounds, chicken halibut up to 20 pounds…good times!

Marty's biggest salmon yet

Marty's first halibut

Kelly from Last Chance Fishing Charters reports: “Renfrew is “Good” right now, with plenty of halibut in the usual places off Carmanah/Nitinat, with quick limits for myself. A 170+ pounder came in yesterday, followed by 1 130. Dogfish are beginning to come in but you only go through about 4 an hour.  Salmon fishing was hot all day off of Nitinat for 15+ pound clones with the odd one, Anchovie was hot for me, trolled DAMN FAST to keep away from the bass.

And a great fishing story from Steve at Seawind Fishing Charters: he is fishing for halibut, drops a $1,000 rod and reel combo into the ocean … bad day.  So next day he heads back to the same spot and is fishing with guests.  They get into a school of dog fish, and all three lines are completely tangled in a rat’s nest.  He cuts the lines, but sees on trailing into the ocean — he hand lines it up, and there’s his rod and reel back!   Even better, it is still rigged up with the tackle.  So, since the other 3 rods are all inoperable, he puts on a piece of bait and puts it back down.  While retying the other lines, BAM….the rod tip starts going crazy.   When they get the halibut to the surface, it’s a 170 pound monster, Seawind’s biggest of the year so far.  How’s that for a lucky day!

The next day, Steve leaves the pack at Logan Creek to do some exploring, and heads west to his own little solo spot.  His guests catch 9 springs 20-28 pounds.   It goes to show you, fishing requires some exploration and trying out new things … it’s a big ocean out there, go find them!

It’s fishing time, head out to Port Renfrew and get into Vancouver Island fishing at its finest.

Big Salmon in Port Renfrew!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Mike Johns, 42 pound king salmon

Mike Johns sent in this photo of a big spring salmon caught out of Port Renfrew on the weekend. Mike said: “42 lbs Logan Creek! Cutpluggers rule :)

That’s a nice fish, good job Mike.

June 20 Port Renfrew Fishing Update

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Dan Burkmar with a couple nice salmon

Salmon fishing is heating up in Port Renfrew.

Port Renfrew Marina reported four salmon over 30 pounds on Saturday, with two over 40 pounds.

John from Hindsight Fishing Charters posted this picture of his deckhand Quinn with his first salmon over 40 pounds…way to go!

Here’s Dan Burkmar with a 30 and 20 pound spring salmon caught last week at Camper Creek.

Time to head out to Port Renfrew for some west coast Vancouver Island fishing action!

Hindsight Fishing day's haul o' fish

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