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Coho fishing video

Monday, October 18th, 2010

A day coho fishing with Jolly Rogers Fishing Charters in Port Renfrew in early October.   A fun day, largest coho 17 pounds, a mix of hatchery and wild salmon.

Port Renfrew’s fishing is winding down for the season. The Port Renfrew Marina is closed for winter, though the boat ramp at Butch’s by the Pacheedaht Reserve is still useable.  However, the salmon fishing is still quite good, with nice size coho being caught from the San Juan River out to the Can Buoy in the harbour mouth.

There’s still halibut out there too, though it’s reported to be hit and miss, some days good, some slow (like usual!).

The weather has generally been pretty nice too, not too windy, no fog, and some sunshine.  A fun time of year to fish, if you can get your boat out there and can dodge the storms.

Port Renfrew Fishing Report, Oct 6

Friday, October 8th, 2010

The coho fishing has been very good in Port Renfrew this week, with reports of lots of 14-18 pound coho, and up to 20 or more fish played in a day for boats.  One fellow caught a 24 pound coho in 10 feet of water right at the San Juan river entrance, in an 8 foot rowboat — that’s fun fishing!

Jolly Rogers Fishing Charters had a good day right out front of the bell buoy, with steady action in the am, catching 7 coho from 7-17 pounds. Most of the hits were in 450ft depth, shallow (35-40), and on bait. More hatcheries than wild, which is unusual lately.

Marty with a 17 pound coho

Port Renfrew Marina‘s coho derby was a big success, with 400 entrants, $8000 winner take all prize, and $2000 to salmon enhancement.  Brent Eliason won it all with a21 pound 1 ounce beauty.  The Marina reports baitrix has been the hot lure, with hoochies, bait and spoons on short leaders also producing.  The Marina is closing for the season Oct. 11.

Halibut fishing for recreational anglers is closing on Oct. 18th as well.  Seems things are winding down for another year!   Though not really yet, because the coho fishing is excellent and halibut too….so if you have a chance to get out there for the last few days of the season, it will be probably be worth your while.

Have fun out there!

Jolly Rogers coho fishing adventure