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Port Renfrew Fishing Update, April

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Not a lot of fishing reports out of Port Renfrew yet, as it is still early season.   Still, hearing of a few fun days from Hindsight Fishing Charters.  A lot of halibut in close and some nice salmon too.   Early season crabbing, as always, is incredible.

Access is an issue though as both Marinas aren’t open until May. Port Renfrew Marina says they will be around starting April 25th, but not officially open until May 1st.

Here’s an interesting video to wet your whistle.  Taken in Alaska, depth 120 feet, on a sunny day.  It is interesting to see the halibut’s behaviour in the water. The fun starts at around 4min mark.  The halibut checks it out for quite a while before finally grabbing it.  Then once hooked, fights hard.   The video is impressive, in that it is aimed at the fish the whole time and also that it’s light enough to see at 120 feet.

See you on the water soon!