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November in Port Renfrew

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Fishing is pretty much done for the year in Port Renfrew, leaving the ocean to the surfers and storm watchers.

Deanna from “Love Sooke” visited Port Renfrew recently to check out the storm, finding some wild wind and waves at Botanical Beach.

If you do venture out, make sure you bring your rain gear though — as everyone knows, the Port Renfrew/Bamfield/Barkley Sound area is one of the rainiest places on earth. In the big storm on Nov 13th, Port Renfrew saw rain nearly 10mm/hour at one point and 50mm over the day (2 inches).  That’s a downpour!

And also…be very careful if you are visiting the exposed open ocean at Botanical or other spots. Waves come in sets, with gaps in between — meaning it may seem calm now, but in a minute or two there could be large waves. Also, rogue waves can happen, with one wave substantially larger than anything else.  Respect the power of mother ocean, keep your distance from the water’s edge.

Have fun!