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Port Renfrew Fishing Report, June 27

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Hello to Port Renfrew fishing fans around the world!

Jolly Rogers Fishing Charters reports the fishing in Port Renfrew has been great lately. The coho have arrived early on Swiftsure Bank. They are small, 5-7 pounds on average, but there’s a LOT of them. If you lighten up the gear and let them run a bit, you are in for some fishing fun. We are very hopeful that this early coho action means an excellent season later this Fall….spent a summer fattening up, then the fun really begins in Sept/Oct!

The halibut fishing on Swiftsure Bank has been steady…plenty of “chickens” coming in.

Chinook salmon fishing has been steady too — while it isn’t the frenzy of a month ago, there are plenty of springs around, and there’s a few big ones around. So definitely worth the effort!

Crabbing in San Juan Harbour continues to be excellent.

It’s starting to approach prime time for Port Renfrew fishing….time to get out and give it a go.

Good luck out there!

June 17 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

John at Hindsight Fishing Charters sent in this halibut fishing story from a guest, Terry M: “I caught this monster halibut yesterday fishing with John. It weighed 132 pounds. It took over two hours to get it into the boat. I fought it for the first hour, then Corbin took over. It took two harpoons by John to finally do it in.” Nice fish….well done!

Trevor from No Bananas Fishing Charters also confirms that the halibut fishing in Port Renfrew is pretty decent of late. However, the spring salmon seem to have moved on — the great fishing a few weeks ago has led to pretty spotty chinook salmon fishing of late. The good news is there’s lots of coho salmon though. It is pretty certain the spring salmon will once again begin appearing in numbers any day…the question is whether that will be today, tomorrow, or next week!

Good luck out there.

June 11 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Port Renfrew Marina is reporting typical June fishing. It isn’t as hot and heavy as a few weeks ago for salmon, but the fish are still there…just fewer and farther between. There have been two 40 pound plus Spring salmon caught this week, plus a bunch of 30 pounders. Not bad if you can catch them! Here’s Keith Cook with a 42 pounder caught last week.

Halibut fishing is reported to be steady…here’s an awesome halibut story from the Marina: “A really amazing story though is on June 9th Randall Pruden and Carl Hien were fishing just west of Camper Creek for springs. They were using Purple Haze hoochies and barbless hooks when they knew they had a big one. It didn’t take very long for them to realize it wasn’t a spring but a Halibut. They could tell it was very big but had no idea it was a 120 pounder! They didn’t have a gaff or spear so they ended up bringing it in with a net! They had to keep bending it to the right shape to get the fish in. How they kept a halibut that big on the line and got it in is what everyone wants to know! Apparently you don’t have to go 25 miles out to sea to get the big ones!”

Crabbing is still excellent, big crabs and many, many of them.

Jolly Rogers Fishing has posted another excellent youtube video, “A Day in the Life: Port Renfrew and Swiftsure Bank Fishing.” Check it out:

Good luck out there!

Easier Access to Port Renfrew

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Getting to Port Renfrew will soon be easier! With the Cowichan road paved, accessing Port Renfrew from either Victoria/Sooke or from Duncan/Lake Cowichan may be equally good. In fact, with the Cowichan road paved, it may even be easier, especially for those towing boats — those bouncy sections on Highway 14 are hard on trailers.

This should be a great help to Port Renfrew’s tourism.

Article from Victoria Times-Colonist:

Circle route close to being a reality

Last section being paved on road seen as boon to tourism

The last five kilometres of the once-infamous road between Port Renfrew and Lake Cowichan will be paved next week, providing the final link in a scenic circle drive for tourists and an alternative for drivers when the Malahat is blocked — provided they have plenty of time.

The 52-kilometre stretch, slowly upgraded over several years from a zig-zagging logging road, was well known for breaking axles, bursting tires and skiddy, gravel-topped curves.

Four years ago, the road was spotlighted when the province invented the Pacific Marine Circle Route as a marketing tool to attract tourists. It became a segment of a circuit running from Victoria through Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Port Renfrew and Sooke. But the Port Renfrew-Lake Cowichan link was so bad that tourists had to be discouraged from using it unless conditions were perfect or they had heavy-duty vehicles.

Some help came in 2007 when a newly applied coating on Highway 18 failed. The coating was stripped off, remixed with other road-building material, and used to upgrade the Port Renfrew-Lake Cowichan road.

Other parts of the road were gradually paved or chip-sealed, but five kilometres in the middle remained in rough shape.

“You definitely needed a four-wheel-drive for that,” said Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce director Rosie Betsworth.

But from early next week, it will be an easy drive, said Transportation Ministry spokesman Dave Crebo.

“It is a huge improvement. You could drive at 70 or 80 kilometres an hour along about three-quarters of that road,” he said. “It’s wider and much better quality.”

Port Renfrew residents hope the completed road will bring more tourists.

“I’m sure it will help,” said Karen Pearson, a bookkeeper at the Lighthouse Pub. “I will take my car over it and I wouldn’t before. It was a washboard and there were so many accidents.”

For Dorothy Hunt, Pacheedaht First Nation band manager, who works in Port Renfrew and lives in Lake Cowichan, the paved road will reduce the commute to about 50 minutes. “And we need that out here to create jobs,” she said.

Crebo said $11 million is being spent on replacing two bridges on Highway 14 and straightening some of the curves.

One bridge will be completed this fall and the second by the fall of 2010, he said.

June 5th Port Renfrew Fishing Update

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Dan Harvey, from Pacific Sports Fishing, sent in this picture of a beautiful 45.5lb Chinook salmon caught off Port Renfrew Thursday.

Dan’s report: “Fantastic day…Flat, Calm,and Sunny! Fishing with Bruce Miller (Miller Time Charters). Carmen saw the hit, Bill set the hook, I played the fish, and Bruce netted the brute, while Colston cheered us on! It was team work all the way! It took 30 minutes plus to get it to the boat. What can I say…a great way to start the season!”

Great summer weather, BIG salmon, halibut plentiful, crabbing amazing….what more incentive do you need? Get out to Port Renfrew and get fishing!

Port Renfrew Fishing Report, June 2

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

The fishing season is kicking in along Vancouver Island’s wild west coast.

Des from Vicious Fishing reports limit catches of Chinook salmon, 15-30 pounds, and halibut from 15-120 pounds.

The two Johns, Jolly Rogers and Hindsight Fishing, took a trip out to Swiftsure Bank on Monday and found lots of coho. That’s a good sign of what’s to come…big fun to be had out there….time to start heading far, far, west.

Speaking of fun fishing days…Jolly Rogers posted a youtube video of a halibut adventure last week. Check it out.

Finally, the crabbing in the Harbour out front of Port Renfrew continues to be amazing.

Good times!