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Halibut Fishing: Underwater Video Footage

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Hindsight Fishing Charters experimented last summer with using a GoPro video camera attached to the spreader bar on the halibut fishing  gear.   The first one gets away, but notice at 0:28 there’s something BIG lurking just out of sight in the background. Later on, another one sticks, and it’s 40 pounds of fresh fish and chips for dinner.


Halibut fishing, coming soon for 2013

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The 2013 halibut fishing opening has been announced by DFO.  The announcement is a little controversial in the recreational fishing community because of the extra restrictions it adds:

  • Mar.15-Mar.30: no size limit, 1 halibut per day, 2 in possession; only one may be greater than 83cm
  • April 1-season end: maximum length 126cm (approximately 60 pounds)
  • 2nd halibut in possession must be under 83cm (approximately 15 pounds)
  • Maximum 6 halibut per license annually.


The Canadian Total Allowable Catch has decreased, so these measures have been brought in an attempt to keep the recreational fishing season open longer.

That isn’t as good as prior years, but at least there will be an opportunity to fish for these great white fish.

See you out in Port Renfrew for a fishing trip soon!