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August 30 Port Renfrew fishing report

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

As August comes to a close, Port Renfrew’s fishing remains excellent.

Kelly from Last Chance Fishing Charters says “Salmon fishing has been very consistent on Swiftsure Bank, and there have been plenty of halibut for those who take the time to anchor for them.  Shoreline fishing for springs has recently slowed down a bit but should pickup on the next set of flood tides!  Stay tuned for some of the biggest fish to pass through Port Renfrew this time of year!”

Craig Adamson with Jolly Rogers Charters

Jolly Rogers Fishing Charters reports that Chinook salmon have been biting better in the mornings lately, with halibut after. He figures salmon fishing should remain good through September.

Port Renfrew Marina also reports the recent trend is fewer salmon caught, but larger — just like in 2007, the best season in recent years, with the majority of the large chinook salmon coming in the first two weeks of September. The Marina’s reports that most of the action is coming from Logan and Walbran Creeks, but also that pink salmon abound everywhere.  Anglers are regularly catching 30 pound salmon at Swiftsure Bank, which is a bonus.  As well, halibut catches have been good and the crabbing is excellent. But if you want halibut, you better get out there before the September 5th closure!  Just a few days left…

All in all, September can often be the nicest month of the year for salmon fishing in Port Renfrew, with all salmon species passing through.  The weather is often very nice too, before the winter rains set in.  So if you’re looking for some fishing action, get out there soon!

August 24 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Some great fishing reports coming out of Port Renfrew. this week.  Here’s “HL” with a beauty spring salmon, caught by casting a fly at porpoising springs. A great fight!

Kelly from Last Chance Fishing Charters reports “Fishing on the Swiftsure Bank was damn good for Spring salmon, hot hot hot, quick limits, several north of 30. Halibut was fair in close, but the usual anchor holes are getting pummelled, time to think outside the box guys! PM can be scratchy on the bank, best bet is first light, with weather like we have been having, run right out there and get ‘em!”

“Hootchie Bob” had a good trip too “Two days of big slab action at Camper Creek, out at first light and our limit by 8:30. 1- 40lber, 2-30lbers and a scrappy 28lber to round it out. Out to 600 ft of water to bag a sockeye and three pinks and back in to dry land by noon. Next day first light and another four slabs in the boat. 1-35lb , 1-30lb, a 26 and a 22, with a 24lber released for good Karma. Fresh run came through on the tide swing. Smaller fish, but super scrappy and shiny bright. Out to 100 feet of water for two quick double headers of pinks and the fishing was done. Probably my best trip of fishing… ever!  Lot of soft hits,especially at first light. Had to watch the lines like a hawk as a subtle tic was enough to maul the bait. Most hits were preceded by a tic on the line, with a good rod pump as much as twenty seconds after, so dont be quick to pull up if you think you had a strike. Ebb fishing at it’s finest!”

So there you go … clearly some pretty good Port Renfrew fishing to be had right now.

The Port Renfrew Marina is holding its 14th annual Labor Day Derby on Sept 3rd and 4th. Proceeds to the San Juan hatchery. Tickets $55 at the Marina, includes a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band.

Also a Port Renfrew Coho Derby “Winner Take All” will be held this Oct. 1st and 2nd.