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Port Renfrew trip report: July 2012

Great report sent from Sean Johnson:
These are photos of a friend of mine from Minnesota-Joe Sexton, a pro snowboarder friend (with a twin brother on the Anaheim Ducks).
Monday was on and off showers but very calm waters – like a millpond. So after a very late start we managed to land three nice springs at Walbran between 2 and 4PM. It was Joe’s first time fishing in the ocean and he was jerking the rod and fighting it like a lake bass. Rod twiching and jerking he was able to land his first Salmon ever – a 21 lbs hatchery Chinook. We were fishing the spoons between 27 and 40 ft.
Tuesday wind, waves and rain no go.
Wednesday at the bank was unbelievable. Sunny skies and no fog. Caught nice springs all morning and limited out in just over an hour at 180 ft deep. We waited for the tides for a bit so caught and released some more beautiful chinooks. Mostly on hootchies – green and white.
Current slowed down and we dropped the lines at the Chicken Ranch for halibut. Everyone around us was nailing them. Within a few minutes we had a beautiful ling on. An hour later we were headed back to the marina with a boat load of fish including a couple of Hali’s – one 23lbs and another 31 lbs.
Ended the day with a Ling and Halibut feast. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!
You can say that again Sean, that’s about as good as it gets … ho hum, another great fishing day out of Port Renfrew.  :-)

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