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Cheap Fishing Stuff?!?

Christmas is coming, and there’s nothing like buying yourself some new gear to get what you want under the tree. And if you get it at a bargain, hey, that means you can just buy more, right?

The  Steep and Cheap site is advertising fishing gear lately, mostly for fresh water — float tubes, fly reels, fly rods. This site posts gear at 50-70% off for a limited time, up to 20 minutes or until it sells out.  Then it’s on to another deal.  It can be excellent for bargain hunting … but it’s super addictive and dangerous for buying things you really don’t need on impulse.  Beautiful shiny reels and fun toys…mmmm.

The SAC Alerts site allows searching of past sales, and you can click on the orange box “Buy Now at xx% off”, to get the ongoing deal, sometimes just as good as the Steep and Cheap deal.

Shipping is cheaper to the USA, so if you have an option to ship to a mailing house in Point Roberts or Blaine, that’ll save some money.  Or opt to combine orders and you can add extra items for 99 cents extra shipping.

{NOTE: FishingPortRenfrew is in no way affiliated with this site!  Just passing along a possible bargain for fishing gear}

Two recent sales below …. good luck and happy hunting!

Spey Rod…$199, regular $399

$69.95, regular $149.95….but only for 12 minutes!


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