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June 11 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Port Renfrew Marina is reporting typical June fishing. It isn’t as hot and heavy as a few weeks ago for salmon, but the fish are still there…just fewer and farther between. There have been two 40 pound plus Spring salmon caught this week, plus a bunch of 30 pounders. Not bad if you can catch them! Here’s Keith Cook with a 42 pounder caught last week.

Halibut fishing is reported to be steady…here’s an awesome halibut story from the Marina: “A really amazing story though is on June 9th Randall Pruden and Carl Hien were fishing just west of Camper Creek for springs. They were using Purple Haze hoochies and barbless hooks when they knew they had a big one. It didn’t take very long for them to realize it wasn’t a spring but a Halibut. They could tell it was very big but had no idea it was a 120 pounder! They didn’t have a gaff or spear so they ended up bringing it in with a net! They had to keep bending it to the right shape to get the fish in. How they kept a halibut that big on the line and got it in is what everyone wants to know! Apparently you don’t have to go 25 miles out to sea to get the big ones!”

Crabbing is still excellent, big crabs and many, many of them.

Jolly Rogers Fishing has posted another excellent youtube video, “A Day in the Life: Port Renfrew and Swiftsure Bank Fishing.” Check it out:

Good luck out there!

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June 11 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Some excellent fishing reports over the weekend from the waters in and around Port Renfrew.

Jolly Rogers Fishing had a good trip, with a 112 and 80 pounder, and 6 more 30-pound halibut thrown in for fun. Happy guests indeed…it is easy to sell a fishing trip to your family with that bounty, what with halibut at $10/pound or more. Geoff Ahlstrom is shown on left with his monster halibut…also the proud recipient of a promised $15 side bet (good luck collecting that!).

Heavy Hauler also had some happy fishermen, who sent in the following report: “My brothers, Richard, Bruce, Dave and I had a fantastic time. Even though one of us ended up being a bit overwhelmed by the whole nautical experience! Mike is a fantastic guide and we’ve been raving to all of our friends about how fortunate we were to have had him showing us the ropes. He knows his business – as a fisherman, a boatman, tour host and all around very decent guy. I’ve attached the whole PDF file. There’s some shots around the cabin at the beginning that you can ignore. There’s some good photos that Dave took on the boat and the trophy shot at the end of the file.”

Check out the PDF for a nice slideshow of a Port Renfrew halibut fishing experience, from sitting on the couch the night before through to the trophy shot on the scale. Awesome day out there.

The reports of late are that halibut are being caught fairly close to shore still, to the west of Bonilla Point, rather than heading all the way out to Swiftsure Bank. Some good sized spring salmon continue to be weighed in, but not too many anglers are chasing salmon yet — halibut on the brain!

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